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Is my donation tax deductible?


The Gift of Giving, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation based in the State of Colorado, Federal Employer ID #26-2944767. It has been approved and recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity under applicable I.R.S. regulations. Your donation is fully deductible by the original donor as allowable by governing I.R.S. rules and regulations. Please consult with a qualified and accredited tax advisor for advice on your specific tax returns.

What do givers like most about The Gift of Giving?


1. It is a charitable, represents the true spirit of giving, and is tax-deductible by most.

2. There is an exceptional group of charities featured under one roof at the site. There are over 100 from which to choose on a national or international level with broad based appeal and the list of LOCAL charities is constantly growing. Ultimately, there will be eight revolving charities for each of the 50 states and top metro areas for a total of 75 locales and 600 local charities.

3. For corporate users, it is unique in that it does not have an actual monetary value, so it is aligned with the intent of most corporate gift policies which do not allow people to receive gifts of monetary value, i.e. tickets, food baskets, wine, gift certificates, etc.

4. Obviously, it is charitable, but it is more than that. It is a much more meaningful and inspiring gift than most any other gift for any gift giving occasion.

5. The charity that receives the donation is chosen by the gift recipient, not the giver, unlike the more common “a gift was made in your honor” sort of thing. It is a simple, yet powerful, gesture that honors the beliefs and interests of the recipient.

6. The printed gift cards can be presented in all sorts of ways, i.e. as a typical “printed plastic style” gift card with personalized note along with a great illustrative brochure or in a custom gift box. The other option is to have an electronic gift cards get sent instantaneously via email.

7. You can either have your gift sent to you to present personally, sent directly to the gift recipient to open and discover themselves, or sent instantly via email.

8. The $4.95 that goes to support the operation of The Gift of Giving is the same regardless of the amount of the donation. Whether it be $100 or $1000, participation is the most important, not “taking a cut” so to speak.

How are the The Gift of Giving featured charities selected?


Charities are chosen because they are unique, compelling, familiar, popular, or are just plain worthy. We generally choose charities with national or international impact that represent a broad array of interests. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of worthy causes so that nearly every recipient can find a charity meaningful to them. Be assured that countless hours have gone into selecting a group of charities that The Gift of Giving is proud to put in front of you, and in some cases introduce you to for the very first time. If you have any questions about one of the charities that you see listed here or want to conduct any additional research, we suggest starting with the United States I.R.S. and their specific website.

How do I nominate a new local charity for your website?


Our goal is to create a wealth of donor options to give to local charities that are doing good deeds in your city or region. Ultimately, we would like to include the entire country. It is intended to be an opportunity for everyone to contribute to our list of featured charities and to ensure that The Gift of Giving has a lot of people out there looking for organizations that are doing deeds that truly make a difference. You can also send an email to with the name of the charity, its web address and why you think it should be featured by The Gift of Giving. The Board of Directors meets biannually to review nominations and to ensure that there is a compelling collection of unique and worthy charities.

What if I think one of the featured charities is not so great?


Tell us. Feedback is the best way for us to know if we are achieving our goals. The goal of The Gift of Giving is to feature charities that people want to support, and that are compelling because of their good deeds that truly make a difference. Please send an email with input or feedback about any of the charities on our website to .

I believe in your cause. How can I help?


By simply sharing a Gift of Giving charitable gift card with someone you care about, you ARE helping. Beyond that, the single most helpful thing you can do is spread the word. We trust that you’ll find your experience gratifying and we would love for you to share it with others. Our community of giving relies heavily upon word-of-mouth, so please tell others about us. Also please share your feedback by sending an email to Tell us what you think about what we are doing and share your ideas about how we might do things even better. We appreciate your feedback.


Do The Gift of Giving Gift Cards for Charity expire?


Yes. The Gift of Giving Gift Cards for Charity expire one year after they are purchased. For example, a TGOG Gift Card for Charity purchased on 12/1/2010 expires on 12/1/2011. Funds associated with an expired TGOG Gift Card for Charity are used by The Gift of Giving for activities that support our charitable mission, including making donations to the charities featured on our website through The Giving Fund and paying for professional services, advertising, design services and other basic expenses, etc.

I forgot my password. Can you help me remember it?


We cannot help you remember it, but if you attempt to login, you can click on Forgot Password? and we will guide you through getting started again.

How do I contact The Gift of Giving, if I have questions?


The best option is to email You can also call (888) 602-GIFT or write to The Gift of Giving, 200 Quebec Street, #300-111, Denver, CO 80230.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts for The Gift of Giving Gift Cards for Charity?


The value of each TGOG Gift Card for Charity is chosen by the donor for an amount between $25 and $10,000.

I would like to pay for my gifted donation without using the website. Can you do that?


Yes, please email or call (888) 602-GIFT and we will send you an order form to complete with payment instructions for payment by check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card.

How much of my money does the charity receive?


The charity receives the amount of the charitable donation minus a $4.95 transaction fee and a fee, approx. 3.0%, that goes to the bank, credit card company, or wire transfer agent (as is the case with any transfer or credit card purchase, or if your donation went to the charity directly using your credit card, wire transfer, or loose change). Donors making their payment by check only pay the $4.95 transaction fee. We encourage large donations to be made in this manner. Please contact us at to make any appropriate arrangements.

What is The Gift of Giving Giving Fund?


This is a way to practice what we preach. 100% of excess revenue, money left over in the general funds after all expenses have been paid, is given out to a group of charities that evolve each year and are known as The Giving Fund. The charites in this fund represent each of the sixteen featured causes and are chosen by the staff, officers, and directors of The Gift of Giving.

I prefer not to receive correspondence from The Gift of Giving, how do I opt-out of your electronic mailing list?


We absolutely respect your wishes, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of most correspondence or email and remember The Gift of Giving for any occasions when you want to give a gift that truly makes a difference.


Do the charities get all of the contact information of donors and gift recipients?


No, the donation to chosen recipeint charities comes from The Gift of Giving, Inc. It is more like an anonymous donation, because recipient charities are not provided with contact information of the original gift giver, (a.k.a. the donor), or of their gift recipient, (a.k.a. the gift director). It is also worth noting that gift recipients do not receive a gift receipt or acknowledgment from the recipient charity. A receipt from The Gift of Giving is provided to donors for tax planning purposes when they GIVE The Gift of Giving.

Do you have a privacy policy?


We respect the privacy of our users. Please see our privacy policy via the link at the bottom of the home page.

Do you give any special consideration to large charitable donations?


Yes, we welcome the opportunity to elevate the giving experience of gifts both large and small. We will provide special rates and accommodations for large donations to one, or large gifts that are subdivided into many.

Do you have a way of streamlining the process for businesses that want to make donations/gifts to many clients at one time?


Yes, on the first screen of the checkout process, there is a bulk quantity option on the bottom left that allows you to send multiple duplicate and identical gifts to send at the same time to the same shipping address.

Repeat recipients and/or recurring donations?


Please email to discuss your needs.

Is my credit card information secure?


The Gift of Giving has incorporated the very best security features to secure both our website and the credit card transaction process. We use Elavon and Virtual Merchant for our credit card processing. This is what is known as a real time secure internet payment gateway solution provider. They provide multiple layers of protection through verification codes and encryption in real time. Credit card numbers are not kept by The Gift of Giving, with the exception of the last four digits for identification. They are only used for the immediate processing of transactions and are encrypted from the moment you "click" ORDER. The last four digits are printed on receipts and are used to track each unique transaction. Our website,, also has an SSL certificate to further bolster its security features.

Do you offer refunds.


All contributions, both direct and those given as gifts to others, are final, but we will strive to do everything in our power to make certain that we properly address any concern that may arise.

When are distributions made to the chosen charities?


The donation funds are distributed to the individual chosen charities on a quarterly basis, beginning on approximately February 28 of each year, subsequently at the end of each three-month period after the previous distribution date.

What if my favorite charity is not listed on your site?


Please nominate that charity by emailing and we will look at potentially adding it in the future.

What made you want to do this?


Look at the About Us page and see our story.

How are the charities on your site screened?


The specific charities on the site are chosen to be represented as options, because they are unique, compelling, familiar, popular, or just plain worthy. We cannot be responsible for how each and every charity conducts themselves. Be assured that countless hours have gone into selecting a group of charities that The Gift of Giving is proud to put in front of you, and in some cases introduce you to for the very first time. If you want to conduct any additional research on any of the charities that you see listed here, we suggest starting with the United States I.R.S. or their specific website.

Who has the ultimate say on what charity or charities receive donations from The Gift of Giving resulting from a gift donation?


The IRS has many requirements for 501(c)(3) organizations. One such requirement is that The Gift of Giving, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use contributions at our discretion for purposes consistent with exempt purposes of The Gift of Giving, Inc. That said, it is our expressed purpose to distribute gifted donations to those charities that are chosen by the recipient of a gift from The Gift of Giving, Inc. and it will continue to be a primary element of our mission.


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