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Oct. 15, 2008

A new organization was launched this year to help those who are frustrated by the process of figuring out what to buy all those friends, loved ones, relatives, clients and employees that already have enough stuff at Featuring an extensive list of U.S. charities whose work is international, national, or local in scope, The Gift of Giving acts as a conduit for giving charitable donations as a gift to others. Donors make a charitable donation, choose from several gift packaging options, and then choose the method for the recipient to receive their gift, i.e. Priority Mail, email, etc. The recipient, in turn, will receive either an email or a package based on the donor/gift giver’s selection. Both will direct the recipient back to the website to redeem their gift. This is where recipient of the “gift” gets to choose the specific charity to receive the original charitable donation.

The Gift of Giving gift recipients can open this gift just as you would a traditionally wrapped DVD, sweater or bathrobe. However, a gift from The Gift of Giving has much more impact. It is inspirational, unique and charitable. Most importantly, is a gift that truly makes a difference in the lives of those who need it. It is a great idea for the holidays, team incentives, office gifts, memorials, graduations, anniversaries and pretty much any other gifting occasion.

The intent is to increase awareness of charities as well as personalize the giving experience by allowing the recipient to pick his or her favorite cause and elevate the experience from the usual “a gift was made in your honor” letter.

Frank Callahan and his wife, Jennifer have seen firsthand how inspirational the giving of charitable donations to others can be. They launched The Gift of Giving to introduce people to this great gift idea. They are blessed in many ways and view this venture as a great way to do something fulfilling and worthwhile. Frank left a successful career in sales to dedicate himself full time to The Gift of Giving and Jen is heavily involved with the Denver Children’s Hospital and raising their two children. Their hope is for the website to become self-sufficient in covering its own operating costs with a small $4.95 transaction fee deducted from each The Gift of Giving Gift Card for Charity purchased in amounts from $25 to $10,000.00 and the inclusion of gift enhancements, such as premium gift packaging, gift card holders and branded merchandise.

The Gift of Giving is a nonprofit corporation based in the State of Colorado, Federal Employer ID #26-2944767. It has duly filed its application for recognition as a 501(c)(3) public charity under applicable I.R.S. regulations. More information on its story, history and how it works can be found at



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